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Hoist International offers load test on extreme heights

Guarantee the safety of your employees and let your anchor points or padeyes be tested with the new test unit of Hoist International. If you want to test fixation points in a high mast or a chimney: with our new test unit we can test for you the safety with a hydraulic load test. This way you can guarantee the sustained load and solve any defects prematurely.  Protecting the safety of your personnel or other loads on great heights is perhaps even more important than in any other environment. Therefore, to ensure your safety, Hoist International now offers the test unit for anchor points and padeyes. We put up a hydraulic controlled load test and test the point with a greater load than the safe workload. This way, we can ensure the sustained load and shed light on any possible defects prematurely. Do you want to bring the safety of your employees to the highest level? Contact our hoist and lift specialists to discuss your next project....

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