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Hoist smart with the new mobile anchor point of Hoist International

Hoist International helps you to set up a fixation point quickly and easy with the new, mobile anchor point. With this anchor point, you will save costs, because you don’t have to set up a complete hoisting scaffolding. Plus: you’ll set up a safe situation since you don’t have to improvise on hard-to-reach locations. Ask for a demo now!  Hoist International keeps investing in an innovative rental fleet and has now added a mobile anchor point to its offering. This anchor point is light and smart, so you set it up quickly and easy above your load on industrial slatted floors, for example. With the fittings, you can even set up an anchor point on a concrete floor. This way, you’ll lay the basis for a safe working environment and you’ll save yourself money because you don’t have to put up a hoisting scaffolding. Do you want to know how the anchor point works, so you can see for yourself if the anchor point works in your situation? Ask for a demo! Please contact us!...

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