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Extra security during hoist with load guidance equipment Hoist International

To offer employees extra security during hoist activities, hoist and lift specialist Hoist International rents out load guidance equipment. We invested in this equipment after receiving requests from customers that want to take the safeguarding of their employees to a higher level. At Hoist International, you will find a wide variety of hoist and lift equipment, like security equipment to minimalize potential risks during projects. The load guidance equipment that Hoist International rents out now, prevents injuries by placing persons and the hoisted objects further apart. Do you want to know what equipment you need for your next hoist and lift projects? Please, contact us. Our experts would love to talk with you about it....

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Sustainability hoist and lift equipment Hoist International improved

Hoist International optimizes the quality and sustainability of its products continuously. For example, we invested in a new spray cabin that provides our products of a paint layer on water basis. This way, our hoist and lift equipment stays in top condition longer, without burdening the environment. The sustainability of our hoist and lift equipment are improved by regular maintenance. But prevention is better than finding a cure. Therefore, we also invested in a new spray cabin, which provided our equipment with a new paint layer. The paint is on water basis, which makes the burden on the environment minimal. The yellow color makes sure that our products are well visible from great distances. Do you want to get to know our products or discuss your new project with us? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us!...

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Winches Hoist International support positioning bridge

Several Dutch companies joined forces to place a new bridge over a wide European river. To keep the working pontoon in its place, Hoist International was asked to deliver the winches. Via the pontoon the steel construction of the bridge was positioned over the river and installed. The working pontoon for positioning a bridge over a river, drifts free in the water. To ensure that the pontoon stays in its place, winches of Hoist International are used in this particular project. Together with other Dutch companies, the steel construction is placed over the river, so that the river banks are connected. Do you also have a largescale construction project, in which you have to secure platforms or machines? Please, contact Hoist International for a non-committal conversation!...

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Hoist International: more than just hoist and lift equipment

Even though Hoist International specializes in hoist and lift equipment, we can deliver so much more thanks to our sister enterprises. This way we can deliver breathing air equipment and compressors, lighting, tools and company bikes! Do you envision yourself cycling around on one of these sturdy Hoist bikes? Safe and reliable hoist and lift equipment are our core business, but this equipment is almost always used in combination with other tools and machines. That is why we offer a complete package thanks to our cooperation with our sister enterprises like Zeevenhooven Air, Zeevenhooven Equipment and KSC International. For example, we offer lighting, welding machines, breathing air equipment and compressors. But now we also offer a sturdy Hoist company bike. This way, you can move around easily as well! Contact us to discuss your next project!...

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