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Hoist International performs load test in the middle of the North Sea

No job too challenging, no location too outlandish: Hoist International performed a load test in the middle of the North Sea. It concerned testing a crane SWL 12,5 ton on oil tanker Alkiviadis 12,5 tons. The static test was completed with success. Hoist International was asked to perform a load test on the oil tanker Alkiviadis on short term. Within 24 hours, the material was brought offshore at the height of Scheveningen, the Netherlands with a supply vessel. The static test of the crane with a load of 12,5 tons was successfully completed, after which a report was written and delivered. And so, the work was completed to everyone’s satisfaction. Do you need a load test? Or do you have another hoist or lift challenge? Please, contact us! Our specialists gladly discuss your next challenge with you....

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Sif offshore foundations tests bolting using spreaders Hoist International

Sif, specialist in offshore foundations, chose to use a modular spreaderbeam with a WLL of 400.000 kg, including rigging, by Hoist International. This spreader is used for testing the bolting of a monopile and transition piece. All the spreaders that Hoist International delivers are provided with tubes, end pieces and bowshackles. Sif delivers offshore foundations for wind turbines and oil & gas platforms. Due to the fact that these foundations need to withstand strong natural forces, testing is an essential part of the production. To be able to test the bolting of a monopile and transition piece, Sif asked hoist and lift specialist Hoist International to deliver a modular spreaderbeam with a WLL of 400.000 kg, including rigging. This type of spreader is just one of the spreaderbeams we deliver. All spreaders are provided with tubes, different end pieces and bowshackles. Thanks to the equipment of Hoist International and our collaboration, Sif could deliver on its promise of delivering high-quality XL monopiles, on time and safely. Do you want to know how we can support you in your project? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us! [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="medium" ids="206,208"]...

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Hoist International provides offshore enterprise with new steel cables

A large Scandinavian offshore company was looking for new steel wire ropes for a shipping crane. Hoist and lift equipment specialist Hoist International provided the right wire ropes to meet the special construction and high minimal breaking load (MBL). After a sea journey of 10.000 sea mile to the southern hemisphere, the steel wire ropes were delivered on location. A large Scandinavian offshore company asked Hoist International to think along in the replacement of crane wire ropes on a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) ship. It turned out to be concerning special steel wire ropes with a complicated construction and a high MBL. Therefore, Hoist International talked via daughter enterprise KSC International to several partners to find the right wire ropes. And with success! After approval by the offshore company, the wire ropes were put on transport and delivered on location. Do you want to know how we can help you in your specific challenge? Please contact us! [gallery link="file" ids="213,134,214"]...

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