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Hoist International keeps investing in rental fleet, also now

To support customers on the highest level in these uncertain times, hoist and lift specialist Hoist International keeps investing in its rental fleet. This way, our specialists can, however with the appropriate distance, support you in your project.  The following equipment is added to the rental fleet: Various pneumatic chain hoists for hosting your material with workloads of 16 ton, 30 ton and 60 ton; Lift tables, to lift heavy loads in order to protect the health of your employees; Load test water bags, to test your hoist equipment and cranes. Do you want to talk about your next project? Call, Skype or mail our specialists, in these times they are also at your service. Contact us! [gallery size="medium" link="file" ids="94,97,102"]...

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Pneumatic hoists Hoist International tested with compressor Zeevenhooven Air

Hoist International puts safety above all else. That is why, each year, our pneumatic hoists are tested in combination with the mobile compressors of Zeevenhooven Air. The EKH guidelines are used as a directive for this test, where hoists up to 25 tons are tested internally. Hoists above 25 tons are tested externally, in cooperation with Condor Testgewichten. Again, this year the hoists passed the inspection successfully. Each year the benefit of the cooperation between sister companies Hoist International and Zeevenhooven Air is proven by the tests. To perform the tests correctly, we use the mobile compressor of Zeevenhooven Air. This way we can deliver the most reliable pneumatic hoists to our customers. Look here for our pneumatic hoists. Or contact us for a non-committal conversation! [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="227,226,224,223"]...

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Hoist International sends 10 pneumatic chain hoists to Mediterranean sun

While the Dutch weather is wet, cold and stormy, we gave ten of our pneumatic chain hoists a well-deserved working holiday in the Mediterranean sun. The chain hoists have a Weight Load Limit (WLL) of 15 ton and support an international relation that needed the hoists urgently at maintenance activities. Within three days the chain hoists, which are in top form, had traveled thousands of kilometers to assist our relation in the scorching sun for four weeks. Talk about last-minute! Do you want to know more about the chain hoists? Read on here. Or contact us!...

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